Morocco survived the Arab Spring better than most. Although it has its fair share of political dissent, repression, and instability, Morocco has not endured the civil violence witnessed elsewhere.

The Moroccan human rights sector is an important player in the country’s comparatively peaceful liberalization. To learn more about its resources, capacities, reputation, and prospects, we gathered data in 2011-12 from informed experts, local human rights organizations (LHROs), and the general public.

We began by interviewing a representative sample of 30 local human rights organizations in Rabat and Casablanca. Next, we conducted a representative survey of 1,100 adults in Rabat, Casablanca, and the surrounding rural areas using our HRPP design. Explore some of our key findings from the survey conducted with the general population below along with a detailed report of our findings from the interviews with local human rights groups.