When you understand public opinion, your human rights research and strategies will become smarter and more effective.   

Public opinion data is vital for evidence-based research and strategy. To build legitimacy, grow support, and win hearts and minds, human rights groups must know where public opinion currently is, and how it can be modified to support rights-friendly principles and policies.    

The OpinionHub offers data collected by our team through statistically representative surveys called Human Rights Perception Polls (HRPPs). We design each survey from scratch, customizing to the project's unique needs. We work closely with local NGOs and survey partners, monitoring each phase of the data-collection effort. Visit the OpinionHub Countries page to learn more and explore survey data.


Some of our Human Rights Perception Poll   questions:  

  • What, in your view, are the country's most pressing human rights priorities?

  • Do you think "human rights" are a Western-imposed concept used by the U.S. government to promote its interests?

  • Do you trust human rights organizations and other NGOs? 

  • Under what conditions might you be willing to donate money or time to local rights groups?

  • What do you think of specific human rights messages and policies? 

We regularly work with NGOs to put this data to use. In 2017, we began working with rights groups in Mexico City and Bogotá to explore the local public's willingness to donate money. Check out this short video to learn more. 

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