Our Approach


 Human rights actors can strengthen their legitimacy, strategies and constituencies through critical debate and unique public opinion data. 


Our Mission

We support rights-based NGOs, donors and scholars develop publicly-supported, effective strategies through critical exchanges, opinion research, and customized strategic planning.


Our Approach

OpenGlobalRights uses two platforms:

The Perspectives platform facilitates learning through diverse points of view expressed in jargon-free language. We commission, edit, and translate articles by authors in all corners of the globe, and make special efforts to recruit writers based in the global South. 

We work with authors to create short, user-friendly articles that appeal to readers across cultures and disciplines. We promote these essays through multilingual social media channels. 

To pitch an idea, please consult our submission guidelines and get in touch.



When human rights practitioners understand public opinion, they better prioritize resources, target audiences, raise funds, and build legitimacy. The OpinionHub presents data collected by our team and others through rigorously conducted surveys. We ask thousands of people worldwide what they think of human rights issues, policies and organizations. We then use this data to offer customized strategic planning for practitioners and donors.    

To learn more, check out the ongoing Perspectives debate on public opinion and human rights. To commission a customized opinion survey or showcase your own human rights opinion data, please write us at info@openglobalrights.org.