Critical exchanges across geographic, linguistic, and disciplinary divides to foster learning and innovation




Our Mission

OpenGlobalRights aims to support actors within and beyond the human rights ecosystem, including NGOs, donors and scholars, develop and strengthen their impact, legitimacy, strategies and constituencies through critical thinking and exchanges.


Our Approach

OGR facilitates learning and critical thought by commissioning, editing, translating and publishing short op-ed style articles by authors in all corners of the globe and launches discussions on a wide range of relevant themes. We ensure diverse points of view are expressed in jargon-free language through extensive editing and make special efforts to recruit writers based in the global South.

We work extensively with our contributors, most of whom are not established writers to create short, user-friendly articles that appeal to readers across cultures and disciplines. We promote engagement with all of these articles and series through various outreach strategies including multilingual social media channels. OGR collaborates with professionals from a wide range of fields –from journalism to design to technology— in developing new formats for exchanging ideas and practices in the human rights field.

OGR was first launched as a section of openDemocracy in June 2013 and moved to this new independent platform in July 2017. The initiative is currently housed at the University of Minnesota.


Write for us


OGR publishes articles on a rolling basis. Consult our submission guidelines and then send us a brief pitch at:
If it fits, we'll work with you to develop an article for one of our thematic series pages or the OpenPage.


Partner with us


OGR collaborates with relevant actors within and beyond the global human rights community to develop, convene and disseminate thematic series. If interested, please write us at


Our Progress & Reach

Since 2013, OGR has published 1700+ Articles & Translations in 29 Languages and been read by 650,000+ readers from 200+ Countries. Our content receives 15 to 20 thousands visits each month and our 700+ authors hail from more than 60 countries.


Our Team

Archana Pandya


From her office in Toronto, Archana oversees and manages OpenGlobalRights' operations including publishing, dissemination, tracking progress, reporting and developing partnerships.


César Rodríguez Garavito


From his office in Bogotá and the sites of his research, teaching and advocacy work around the world, César oversees OpenGlobalRights’ editorial content and writes about the future of human rights.


Hannah Kratofil

Communications Assistant

Hannah is an undergrad student at the University of Dayton double majoring in History and Political Science. She helps gather data on OGRs progress and promote articles and series.

Osai Ojigho

Consulting Editor

Osai is Country Director for Amnesty International - Nigeria. She commissions articles from African writers and beyond.

James Ron

Senior Advisor

James holds the Harold Stassen Chair for International Affairs at the Unversity of Minnesota. He commissions and writes OGR articles and oversees the Human Rights OpinionHub.


Theresa Harris

Associate Editor

Theresa is Senior Program Associate at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). She commissions science and human rights articles.

David Petrasek

Senior Editor

David is an Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa. He commissions, writes and edits OGR articles. No UN mechanism is too boring for this longtime Geneva inside.

Rachel Schmidt

Lead Content Editor

Rachel is a freelance writer and PhD candidate at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs in Ottawa, Canada. Rachel edits articles, teaches therapeutic yoga, and is a grammar nerd.


Our Partners


OpenGlobalRights receives funding and in-kind support from a variety of sources including the University of Minnesota, Ford Foundation, Open Society Foundations, University of Ottawa, the University of Dayton's Human Rights Center, Prospera - the International Network of Women’s Funds and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.



Collaborating Partners and Initiatives


OGR also partners with NGOs, scholars, practitioners and activists to convene debates on specific topics. For example:


Human Rights Opinion Hub


When human rights practitioners understand public opinion, they better prioritize resources, target audiences, raise funds, and build legitimacy. In 2015 OpenGlobalRights launched a debate series on public opinion and human rights. Several authors of this series came together for a workshop in Mexico City to discuss their ideas, research and possibilities of collaboration in November of the same year. The Human Rights Opinion Hub is an initiative born out of these discussions and led by former OGR Director, James Ron.

The OpinionHub presents data collected through statistically representative surveys called Human Rights Perception Polls (HRPPs), which ask thousands of people worldwide what they think of human rights issues, policies and organizations. The OpinionHub team designs survey from scratch, customizing to the project's unique needs and works closely with local NGOs and survey partners, monitoring each phase of the data-collection effort. The team then uses this data to offer customized strategic planning for practitioners and donors.