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Thank you for your interest in writing with us! OpenGlobalRights (OGR) publishes short articles on human rights strategies, data, scholarship and dilemmas. We are a free, multilingual, global resource dedicated to strengthening human rights work by connecting and amplifying a wide range of voices throughout the ecosystem. The discussion we cultivate is international, multicultural, and cross-disciplinary—we consider submissions from any author interested in human rights research, advocacy, or practice. To add your knowledge, experience, or perspective towards this goal, read carefully through the following guidelines and submit a proposal. Please note that due to budget constraints, OGR is unable to offer honorariums or payment for contributions.


1. Submit a Query

To begin, have a look at our previously published articles, and note our accessible, op-ed style of writing. Next, use our submission form to submit a short pitch of your idea and some information about yourself. 

Queries should include


1. An intriguing title for your article - note, however, that we reserve the right to decide on titles to maximize appeal.

2. A short biography, in 2-3 sentences. Please include only your most important titles and affiliations and country of residence. Hyperlink to your organization, personal website, or recent published works.

3. A brief outline of your main argument; explain which of our debates you are addressing, if applicable; and describe the evidence for your argument (data, anecdotes, personal experience, etc.).


Submit your pitch


Submission Languages

Our main operating language is English, but we accept submissions in any language. If you submit in a language we can't read, we will find someone to describe the piece to us, so that we can see if it fits our mission. If it does, we'll either edit an English-translated version and then back-translate, or work directly in your submission language.

Note: OGR launched as a section of openDemocracy in June 2013. This current site
hosts half our articles, but the full archive remains available on openDemocracy.


2. Writing Guidelines

OGR articles are aimed at a general and global audience; we often translate into multiple languages. Please keep these guidelines in mind when drafting your article:

  • Keep your submission short: 800-1000 words only.
  • Use a minimum of technical, academic or legal jargon; write simply and directly; use short sentences; and consider readers and translators working in other languages.
  • Place the most important points at the top.
  • Use the active voice. See comparisons between active and passive voice here
  • Embed hyperlinks to open sources to support your arguments. We do not publish footnotes or endnotes.
  • Whenever possible, link to sources in English or another widely spoken language.
  • Provide background information; do not assume readers know about your country or topic.
  • Hyperlink to previously published OGR articles when appropriate.


Questions to consider when drafting your piece:

What is the topic you are writing about?
Are you responding to a particular article
previously published on
OpenGlobalRights? If yes, which one(s)?

Why and how does your topic or issue
connect with human rights? Why
should general readers outside your
region, or thematic area, care?

What is the main idea or argument that
you would like readers to consider, in
one sentence?

What are the three main points
supporting your main idea?

Consult our general article drafting template, for further guidance
on how you can structure your ideas and text.


3. The Editing Process

Once you have submitted a pitch, our team will review your proposal. If your query fits our mandate, we will request a full draft, and begin the editing process. Once your draft is submitted, we will return an edited version with comments, requests, and suggestions. Please return the next draft to us as quickly as possible with changes tracked.

We often send a second version back, as we take the writing and editing process very seriously. Our goal is to make your piece as polished and compelling as possible. Please be patient. The more time we spend editing, the broader your audience will be.

Any questions can be directed to ogrsubmissions@justlabs.org.


4. Article Dissemination

When your piece is published, we will notify you and ask you to disseminate through your own networks and social media. We will do the same through our multi-lingual Facebook and Twitter channels, and through our weekly newsletter.


5. Cross Publishing

OGR articles are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Photos, images, and logos are excepted from this license, except where noted. Once your piece appears on our website, you are welcome to publish elsewhere, provided that the other venue provides a hyperlink back to the original publication and notes that “this piece was originally published on [date] on OpenGlobalRights.” Please let us know about the cross publishing, so that we can help promote it through our networks and track for learning and reporting.




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