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September 20, 2017
BY: Joel R. Pruce

In human rights work, practicing the same habits does not guarantee improvement ...

September 18, 2017
BY: K. Chad Clay

Help nominate countries for a pilot study aiming to produce cross-national ...

September 14, 2017
BY: James A. Goldston

In Kenya, Guatemala and Brazil, courts have defied presidents and shaken ...

September 7, 2017
BY: Andrew Hudson

To avoid sinking to the lowest common denominator, activist coalitions ...

September 5, 2017
BY: A. Kayum Ahmed

When the ACLU uses civil rights and free speech to defend white supremacists, ...

September 1, 2017
BY: Myrella Saadeh

In Guatemala, children’s rights advocates are often the most heavily burdened ...

August 30, 2017
BY: Julius Ibrani, Marte Hellema

Combined with growing fundamentalism and sectarianism, Indonesia once ...

August 24, 2017
BY: Samira Bueno, Renato Sérgio de Lima

Many Brazilians indicate that they would accept authoritarianism and government ...

August 22, 2017
BY: Geoff Dancy

Anti-ICC narratives resonate with a crucial minority of Kenyan citizens, ...

August 16, 2017
BY: Victoria Ohaeri

Linking online campaigns to offline action has become critical in challenging ...

August 10, 2017
BY: Joe Braun, Stephen Arves

Effectively motivating people to care about human rights depends largely ...

August 9, 2017
BY: Marc Limon

Despite pessimism about the future of human rights, data on treaty ratification ...

August 3, 2017
BY: Andrew Anderson

These are hard times for human rights, but pessimists should not underestimate ...

August 2, 2017
BY: Paul Beckett

When companies use legal loopholes to mask beneficial owners, it becomes ...

July 27, 2017
BY: Sadhana Shrestha

Fundraising should never just be about money—it must also be about raising ...

July 25, 2017
BY: Garth Meintjes

The paradigmatic wall that separates lawyers into two camps—private and ...

July 20, 2017
BY: Nick Robinson

Rather than defending our existing human rights movement, advocates from ...

July 19, 2017
BY: Christa Blackmon

Using theater to raise awareness on rights issues not only educates the ...

July 13, 2017
BY: David Forsythe

Are we facing hard times for human rights, or are these ups and downs ...

July 11, 2017
BY: Padre Melo

Human rights organizations and funders in Latin America need to rethink ...

June 27, 2017
BY: Maik Müller

Integrating a psychosocial perspective requires the incorporation of psychosocial ...

June 20, 2017
BY: Yara Sallam

Is there a trade off between protecting your mental health as an activist ...

June 15, 2017
BY: Deepa Ranganathan, María Díaz Ezquerro

What does holistic security and collective self-care in human rights work ...

June 14, 2017
BY: Amandine Rushenguziminega

A new levy in the African Union could lead to more financial independence—but ...

June 13, 2017
BY: Michael Caster

Human rights defenders in China are increasingly using pre-recorded statements ...

June 9, 2017
BY: Aseem Prakash, Nives Dolšak

When international organizations face legitimacy problems, they need to ...

June 7, 2017
BY: Koldo Casla

Thousands of people are being evicted in Spain due to austerity measures, ...

May 30, 2017
BY: Amanda Fazano

Brazil has a potentially large philanthropy market, and social media may ...

May 25, 2017
BY: Martín Abregú

To confront inequality, the Ford Foundation is harnessing the human rights ...

May 23, 2017
BY: Ciara Dowd, Elodie Aba

Corporations are using defamation lawsuits to shut down their detractors—and ...

May 18, 2017
BY: Meerim Ilyas, Tatiana Cordero Velásquez

To support the activists and groups that we fund, donors must engage in ...

May 16, 2017
BY: Yael Zeira

Experiments show international recognition of statehood could change popular ...

May 11, 2017
BY: Zelalem Kibret

When in the field, human rights workers must be better prepared for trauma ...

May 11, 2017
BY: Kristi Pinderi

For many, activism can be healthy and healing.

May 10, 2017
BY: Holly Davis, Magda Adamowicz

By not paying enough attention to self-care, activists are compromising ...

May 9, 2017
BY: Michael Caster

When approaching digital security for human rights defenders in hostile ...

May 8, 2017
BY: Yonatan Lupu

Understanding the logic of expectations could help us predict why some ...

May 5, 2017
BY: Ana Bracic

A video game experiment in Slovenia reveals discriminatory practices against ...

May 4, 2017
BY: David Crow, José Kaire, James Ron

Marketing research can help Mexican rights groups monetize their “brand” ...

May 3, 2017
BY: Michele Leiby, Matthew Krain

Framing issues in different ways can undermine or bolster support of human ...

May 3, 2017
BY: Gulnaz Anjum, Adam Chilton

Experiments on support for women’s rights in Pakistan could improve the ...

May 1, 2017
BY: Martin S. Edwards, Lis Kabashi

The Sustainable Development Goals could give activists the rhetoric they ...

April 27, 2017
BY: Alexandra Zetes

Without adequate preparation, new human rights advocates can be easily ...

April 26, 2017
BY: Navaz Kotwal

Indian human rights workers do not want to engage with the police, but ...

April 25, 2017
BY: Robert Edward Precht

The presence of Western universities in China is on the rise, but they ...

April 24, 2017
BY: Christine Monaghan

In health care, both access and accountability require understanding and ...

April 21, 2017
BY: Merrill Sovner

Human rights practitioners and researchers often ask very different questions ...

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