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February 15, 2018
BY: Marcy Darnovsky & Leah Lowthorp & Katie Hasson

The prohibition on reproductive gene editing to enhance human capabilities ...

February 13, 2018
BY: Anna Koob & Sarah Tansey

Trends analysis allows human rights activists to see where human rights ...

February 8, 2018
BY: David Petrasek

The early departure—yet again—of a UN High Commissioner for Human Rights ...

February 6, 2018
BY: Devandy Ario Putro

Indonesia used to have a reputation of tolerance, but inflammatory rhetoric ...

February 1, 2018
BY: Marcos A. Orellana

Global recognition of the right to a healthy environment is long overdue. ...

January 30, 2018
BY: Enrique Piracés

The amount of digital information available online presents human rights ...

January 25, 2018
BY: Alice Cruz

On World Leprosy Day, organizations across the world must come together ...

January 22, 2018
BY: Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah

The challenges facing civil society now aren’t about reviving our weakening ...

January 18, 2018
BY: Jenny Barry

Powerful results surfaced when a Mexican women’s rights funder began to ...

January 16, 2018
BY: Claudia Samcam

Human rights problems are increasingly more complex and cross-cutting. ...

January 11, 2018
BY: Juan Auz

The Inter-American Human Rights System is an important tool for Latin ...

January 9, 2018
BY: Kristi Heather Kenyon

Local HIV activists are expanding human rights discourse into health advocacy, ...

January 4, 2018
BY: Shivani Chaudhry

The UN has drafted a groundbreaking declaration that has the potential ...

December 22, 2017
BY: The OGR Team

This year on OpenGlobalRights, our top ten most-read pieces discussed ...

December 21, 2017
BY: Allison Corkery 

The methods human rights researchers and advocates use determine what ...

December 19, 2017
BY: Julian Oram & Deborah Doane

Most development and funding organizations are adapting to shrinking space ...

December 13, 2017
BY: Lorenzo Urbinati & Sejin Kim

Data on human rights violations in Asia proves the need to establish a ...

December 12, 2017
BY: Zoe Trodd

Ending slavery means building a science of anti-slavery where advocates ...

December 7, 2017
BY: Elizabeth Shakman Hurd

To insist on the Rohingya status as a victimized religious minority while ...

December 6, 2017
BY: David Kode

Governments from Uganda to Poland are silencing activists and organizations ...

December 4, 2017
BY: Barbara Klugman & Ravindran Daniel & Denise Dora & Maimouna Jallow

Human rights funding is systemically inequitable, and this will only change ...

November 30, 2017
BY: Barbara Klugman & Ravindran Daniel & Denise Dora & Maimouna Jallow

The marker of progress towards an equitable human rights ecology is when ...

November 29, 2017
BY: Kathryn Sikkink

We compare our current human rights situation not to the past but to an ...

November 27, 2017
BY: Barbara Klugman & Ravindran Daniel & Denise Dora & Maimouna Jallow

The human rights system must value and mobilize the expertise of all players, ...

November 24, 2017
BY: David Forsythe

Trump’s attitude towards human rights is not entirely new: our presumed ...

November 23, 2017
BY: James Ron

Have feminists made traction in campaigning that “women’s rights are human ...

November 22, 2017
BY: Felogene Anumo & Ruby Johnson

Young feminists are pushing back and forging new paths in global resistance, ...

November 21, 2017
BY: César Rodríguez-Garavito

A new collaboration in Colombia is bringing together activists, scientists, ...

November 17, 2017
BY: Charles T. Call & David Crow & James Ron

Many Republicans believe that the UN curbs America’s interests, but people ...

November 16, 2017
BY: Kristi Heather Kenyon

Do we achieve human rights by enacting UN-sanctioned treaties at the legislative ...

November 15, 2017
BY: Steven L. B. Jensen

The notion of three generations of human rights has endured for 40 years. ...

November 14, 2017
BY: John Mwebe & Preksha Kumar

Several investment banks recently withdrew from a project in Malawi due ...

November 10, 2017
BY: Astrid Puentes Riaño

Due to lack of community consultation and negative socio-environmental ...

November 8, 2017
BY: Tony Talbott

The use of superficial human rights rhetoric across varied issue areas ...

November 6, 2017
BY: Hwei Mian Lim

Climate change takes a higher toll on women than on men. Women’s health ...

November 3, 2017
BY: Eniko Horvath & Christen Dobson

In our efforts to quickly mitigate the negative impacts of climate change, ...

November 2, 2017
BY: Leah Davidson

Intergenerational commitments in climate change are critical to protect ...

November 1, 2017
BY: Alice Thomas

Across the globe, more extreme weather and climate change are displacing ...

October 31, 2017
BY: Katharina Rall

As attacks on environmental rights defenders escalate, the stakes are ...

October 27, 2017
BY: Sergei Golubok

The whole European system of human rights protection is powerless when ...

October 26, 2017
BY: Cosette Creamer & Amy Hill Cosimini & Yagmur Karakaya & Suzy McElrath

Marketing and public health provide useful lessons about framing and pre-testing ...

October 23, 2017
BY: Augusta Hagen-Dillon

Widespread backlash against progressive values and mounting legal restrictions ...

October 20, 2017
BY: Ana Jimena Bautista

Three Latin American countries are experimenting with drug law reforms ...

October 18, 2017
BY: Azadeh Shahshahani

American foreign policy is at the root of forced migration from different ...

October 17, 2017
BY: Audrey Gaughran

Legal reform is needed to ensure that victims of human rights abuses have ...

October 12, 2017
BY: Peter Splinter

The practice of candidates for election to the UN Human Rights Council ...

October 11, 2017
BY: Laura A. Henry

When indigenous rights are not observed, communities that shift their ...

October 10, 2017
BY: Stephen Hopgood

The battle for human rights—as seen in the treatment of Rohingya Muslims ...

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