Articles with a global or international focus

Rights as a response to ecological apocalypse

March 20, 2019
BY: David R. Boyd
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Recognizing the human right to live in a heathy environment, and the rights ...

Turning anger into positive energy for gender equality in sport

March 19, 2019
BY: Maggie Murphy
Español | Français

Women footballers face discrimination, harassment, and funding challenges ...

Embodiment as resilience and resistance in human rights work

March 14, 2019
BY: Loretta Pyles

Human rights violations harm people’s minds and their bodies, and addressing ...

The Gbagbo acquittal and the battle for the ICC’s legitimacy

March 14, 2019
BY: Mark Kersten
Español | Français

The acquittal of Laurent Gbagbo by the ICC is seen by many as a blow to ...

Inaction on gender equality puts SDGs at risk

March 7, 2019
BY: Marte Hellema & Hannie Meesters

If there is no fundamental and transformational change in how gender equality ...

Failure to act: getting ahead of technological threats to democracy

March 6, 2019
BY: Laura Rosenberger

Adversaries of democracy are deliberately targeting free speech, and democratic ...

Seizing opportunities and broad strategy both essential in human rights litigation

February 26, 2019
BY: Wolfgang Kaleck
Español | Deutsch

To bring real human rights change, legal actions usually need to be linked ...

Putting respect for human rights at the heart of sport

February 21, 2019
BY: Mary Harvey
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Sport can unite and inspire, but it can have negative impacts too—a new ...

Hybrid entities can bring for-profit strategies to NGO funding

February 21, 2019
BY: Louis Bickford

Hybrid entities that mix for-profit and not-for-profit strategies have ...

Why the future of human rights must be hopeful

February 19, 2019
BY: Thomas Coombes
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For a human rights movement dedicated to exposing abuses, positive communication ...

UN Human Rights Committee brings new vitality to the right to life

February 13, 2019
BY: Lucy McKernan & Bret Thiele

Through its expanding jurisprudence on the right to life, the UN Human ...

The right to reparation: laudable goal or empty promise?

February 7, 2019
BY: Bojan Gavrilovic

Human rights activists argue that victims of mass atrocities have a right ...

New and inclusive measuring needed for SDG promise of access to justice for all

February 5, 2019
BY: Sukti Dhital & Meg Satterthwaite
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SDG 16 promises access to justice for all, but current plans for measuring ...

Crucial year ahead to pursue access to justice for all

January 31, 2019
BY: Elizabeth Andersen

Several key events in 2019 provide a real opportunity to progress on SDG ...

UN standard-setting continues apace

January 29, 2019
BY: Gordon DiGiacomo

Work at the UN is progressing on several fronts to agree new human rights ...

Blockchain technologies offer transparency that could improve human rights practices

January 24, 2019
BY: Dean Pinkert & James Ton-that & Ravi Soopramanien
Español | Français

Blockchain solutions could help companies comply with human rights due ...

Beyond Internet access: seeking knowledge justice online

January 22, 2019
BY: Kira Allmann & Anasuya Sengupta
Español | العربية

Most debates around the internet and human rights focus on narrowing the ...

Litigating rights carries risks as well as rewards

January 17, 2019
BY: Martín Abregú

Where possible, challenging authoritarian and illiberal regimes in court ...

New year, new human rights narratives?

January 11, 2019
BY: James Logan

Within the human rights community, there is a growing enthusiasm for new ...

The right to design babies? Human rights and bioethics

January 8, 2019
BY: Roberto Andorno & Alicia Ely Yamin

New developments in gene modifications make it more urgent than ever to ...

Cities – a growing and necessary target for human rights advocacy

January 4, 2019
BY: Annabel Short

Cities exercise power in many areas that touch on human rights, and growing ...

Why policymakers need to tackle the digital gender gap

December 19, 2018
BY: Ana Brandusescu

Tackling the digital gender gap means more than improving internet access—it ...

How can AI amplify civic freedoms?

December 18, 2018
BY: Zach Lampell & Lily Liu
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Civil society must improve its knowledge and use of artificial intelligence ...

New business and human rights treaty takes shape

December 11, 2018
BY: Maysa Zorob

The draft of a new business and human rights treaty is a good start, but ...

Human and non-human rights – convergence or conflict?

December 10, 2018
BY: David Petrasek
Español | Français | العربية

On the 70th anniversary of the UDHR, claims to recognize non-human rights ...

Caliban Unleashed: What role for strategic litigation in an illiberal era?

December 5, 2018
BY: Alicia Ely Yamin

There are inherent limitations in litigating health rights, but it has ...

Identities in the crosshairs—censoring LGBTQ internet content around the world

November 27, 2018
BY: Miles Kenyon, Adam Senft and Ronald Deibert
Español | العربية

A Canadian company is enabling its software to be used globally to censor ...

Strategic human rights litigation in tough times

November 21, 2018
BY: Dimitrina Petrova
Español | Русский | 简体中文

There are many good reasons to pursue human rights claims in the courts, ...

The value of strategic litigation amidst rising illiberal democracies

November 20, 2018
BY: James A. Goldston
Español | Français | العربية

In an increasingly authoritarian world, courts are among the few spaces ...

The rights of nature gaining ground

November 14, 2018
BY: Mari Margil
Español | Français

Nature has been treated in law as property, and exploited. But there is ...

Geospatial technology—done right—can improve human rights documentation

November 8, 2018
BY: Theresa Harris
Español | العربية

With private corporations now the largest providers of satellite technology, ...

Politics and pragmatism in human rights advocacy

November 7, 2018
BY: Dustin Sharp
Español | Français

Critics of human rights legalism are right to call for more “pragmatism,” ...

Power and safety: rethinking protection for human rights defenders

October 30, 2018
BY: James Savage & Lisa VeneKlasen

The protection and resilience of Human Rights Defenders demands that we ...

Trust is essential in donor strategies with grassroots groups

October 25, 2018
BY: Rona Peligal

Grassroots activism through social movements offers the best hope for ...

Alarm bells ring as EU governments target “political” NGOs

October 18, 2018
BY: Cathal Gilbert & Giada Negri

Across the EU, several member states are preparing to cut funding to civil ...

Values-based collective action helps resist the criminalization of compassion

October 17, 2018
BY: Rachel Freed

Humanitarian workers giving aid to migrants are being threatened and in ...

Understanding when and why countries adopt rights can improve activism

October 10, 2018
BY: Yonatan Lupu

Constitutional provisions are critical to protecting human rights, but ...

What “datafication” means for the right to development

September 27, 2018
BY: Anita Gurumurthy & Deepti Bharthur
Español | Français

Breakthroughs in technology—including artificial intelligence—can help ...

Reimagining human rights as a frame of justice

September 12, 2018
BY: César Rodríguez-Garavito

The future of human rights as a frame of justice depends on our capacity ...

Could “hope and aspirations” end the vicious cycle of poverty?

September 11, 2018
BY: Keetie Roelen

Non-invasive and non-punitive interventions that draw on positive emotions ...

Mitigating unfair bias in artificial intelligence

September 4, 2018
BY: Bernard Shen

Instead of choosing between humans-only systems and AI systems, leveraging ...

Battling exclusion: giving a voice to women affected by leprosy

August 30, 2018
BY: Alice Cruz

Women affected by leprosy in India and beyond face high levels of discrimination ...

Amnesty International’s new drug policy puts it on a slippery slope

August 29, 2018
BY: Saul J. Takahashi

Human rights arguments for decriminalizing drug use are often flawed, ...

With nationalism rising, do global human rights still have mass appeal?

August 22, 2018
BY: Joel R. Pruce

Caring about the rights of distant others was once fashionable but, as ...

Better data can counteract soft repression

August 16, 2018
BY: Katrin Kinzelbach & Janika Spannagel
Español | Français

Changing the way we document human rights abuses—such as paying more attention ...

New human rights principles on artificial intelligence

August 15, 2018
BY: Sherif Elsayed-Ali
Español | Français

A new set of principles—the Toronto Declaration—aims to put human rights ...

Advocacy, meet academia: connecting disciplines to improve human rights research

August 9, 2018
BY: Molly Land & Theresa Harris

Human rights researchers are seeking new ways to establish facts, creating ...

A shared learning agenda takes legal empowerment to the next level

August 2, 2018
BY: Erin Kitchell

Legal empowerment can be transformative across a wide range of issues, ...