Articles with a global or international focus

Human rights justice requires corporate information sharing

October 17, 2017
BY: Audrey Gaughran

Legal reform is needed to ensure that victims of human rights abuses have ...

Elections without choice: “clean slates” in the Human Rights Council

October 12, 2017
BY: Peter Splinter

The practice of candidates for election to the UN Human Rights Council ...

Contesting regression: citizen solidarity vs. the decline of democracy

October 5, 2017
BY: Alison Brysk

Even where rights are on the rocks, citizen solidarity and resilient rule ...

Irreconcilable tensions? Global human rights institutions and democracy

October 4, 2017
BY: Lisa Sundstrom

To restore people’s faith in liberal democracy, will the human rights ...

Reforming the UN Human Rights Council: a call for new leadership

September 29, 2017
BY: Peter Splinter

The UN Human Rights Council falls seriously short in its mandate to ensure ...

Measuring globally, surveying locally: A new global effort to measure civil and political rights

September 18, 2017
BY: K. Chad Clay

Help nominate countries for a pilot study aiming to produce cross-national ...

Creating effective new coalitions in tough political times

September 7, 2017
BY: Andrew Hudson

To avoid sinking to the lowest common denominator, activist coalitions ...

The world is marching towards—not away from—universal human rights

August 9, 2017
BY: Marc Limon

Despite pessimism about the future of human rights, data on treaty ratification ...

Hard times, but human rights defenders are resilient

August 3, 2017
BY: Andrew Anderson

These are hard times for human rights, but pessimists should not underestimate ...

Orphan structures: holding companies accountable when owners don’t exist

August 2, 2017
BY: Paul Beckett

When companies use legal loopholes to mask beneficial owners, it becomes ...

Public interest lawyers need new tools to protect the vulnerable

July 25, 2017
BY: Garth Meintjes

The paradigmatic wall that separates lawyers into two camps—private and ...

Defining rather than defending our human rights “moment”

July 20, 2017
BY: Nick Robinson

Rather than defending our existing human rights movement, advocates from ...

Breaking the fourth wall: theater as human rights activism

July 19, 2017
BY: Christa Blackmon

Using theater to raise awareness on rights issues not only educates the ...

Hard times for human rights

July 13, 2017
BY: David Forsythe

Are we facing hard times for human rights, or are these ups and downs ...

Making our movements sustainable: practicing holistic security every day

June 15, 2017
BY: Deepa Ranganathan, María Díaz Ezquerro

What does holistic security and collective self-care in human rights work ...

International organizations and the crisis of legitimacy

June 9, 2017
BY: Aseem Prakash, Nives Dolšak

When international organizations face legitimacy problems, they need to ...

New strategies for tackling inequality with human rights

May 25, 2017
BY: Martín Abregú

To confront inequality, the Ford Foundation is harnessing the human rights ...

Why it’s getting harder (and more dangerous) to hold companies accountable

May 23, 2017
BY: Ciara Dowd, Elodie Aba

Corporations are using defamation lawsuits to shut down their detractors—and ...

Collective care in human rights funding: a political stand

May 18, 2017
BY: Meerim Ilyas, Tatiana Cordero Velásquez

To support the activists and groups that we fund, donors must engage in ...

Why the right to science matters for everyone

April 20, 2017
BY: Jessica M. Wyndham, Margaret Weigers

The right to science influences everything from freeing wrongfully accused ...

“Speaking truth to power:” a call for praxis in human rights

April 18, 2017
BY: Alicia Ely Yamin

Human rights require struggles over power and systems of thought—not just ...

Evidence of trauma: the impact of human rights work on advocates

April 7, 2017
BY: Meg Satterthwaite

It’s time to think seriously about the effects of trauma on human rights ...

Human rights datasets are pointless without methodological rigour

April 4, 2017
BY: Lawrence Saez

Existing datasets on human rights have methodological weaknesses that ...

Tackling inequality: the potential of the Sustainable Development Goals

March 2, 2017
BY: Kate Donald 

Sustainable Development Goal 10 on reducing inequality will require profound ...

Refugee politics from the local to the international

February 21, 2017
BY: Sarah Stroup

The Trump administration is affecting refugee politics from small towns ...

Business can and should ally with those defending human rights

February 1, 2017
BY: Sarah Brooks

Business should heed the views of human rights defenders, and do more ...

A butterfly effect—steps to improve UPR implementation

January 24, 2017
BY: Hans Fridlund

The UN’s UPR process is proving its worth in encouraging human rights ...

Cohesion in the chaos: uniting human rights methodologies

January 19, 2017
BY: Katie Kraska

With the range of options available to document and analyze human rights, ...

Under threat: five countries in which civic space is rapidly closing

January 18, 2017
BY: Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah

Restricted freedoms and intensifying governmental control raise the risk ...

Shaming and blaming: assessing the impact of human rights organizations

January 10, 2017
BY: Amanda Murdie

Shaming by human rights organizations can indeed change state practices, ...

Beyond science fiction: Artificial Intelligence and human rights

January 4, 2017
BY: Jonathan Drake

Artificial Intelligence is growing at rapid pace, and so are significant ...

Making the human rights movement great again—amidst rising nationalism

December 29, 2016
BY: James A. Goldston

As angry rhetoric and illiberal nationalism soars globally, the human ...

Illicit drug sales in the deep web don’t really make trading safer

December 22, 2016
BY: Isabel Pereira

Crypto markets for buying drugs might make things safer for consumers, ...

Human rights groups are secretly US agents. True or false?

December 19, 2016
BY: James Ron, David Crow

For rights activists, Trump’s victory is a dark cloud with one silver ...

The 1967 Convention on Religious Intolerance—the treaty that might have been

December 16, 2016
BY: Steven L. B. Jensen

The two UN human rights covenants were to be buttressed by a treaty to ...

Should funding agencies also share in the sacrifice of social change?

December 5, 2016
BY: Michael Edwards

What standards of behavior should we expect from the leaders of foundations, ...

How to pay for legal empowerment: alternative structures and sources

December 1, 2016
BY: Lotta Teale

Taking a hybrid approach to legal funding recognizes that different issues ...

The old world of civic participation is being replaced

November 30, 2016
BY: Burkhard Gnärig 

Traditional politicians and traditional CSOs are part of an old world ...

Beyond blood diamonds: the violence behind the gold route

November 25, 2016
BY: Natalia Duarte

Illegal gold exchanges between the global North and South are fuelling ...

Torture prevention works, but only with the right ingredients

November 23, 2016
BY: Mark Thomson 

A research study recently confirmed that some torture prevention works, ...

Human rights are not losing traction in the global South

November 22, 2016
BY: Sakiko Fukuda-Parr 

In the debate on whether human rights have stalled, analysts are ignoring ...

Collaborating with scientists for climate justice

November 21, 2016
BY: Ellen Platts, Claire Sabel

The impacts of climate change intensify existing social inequities by ...

Missing torture amongst the poor

November 7, 2016
BY: Steffen Jensen, Tobias Kelly

Documenting torture has always been problematic, but the experiences of ...

Time to recognize the right to life for those living in homelessness and inadequate housing

November 1, 2016
BY: Leilani Farha

An estimated one third of deaths worldwide are linked to poverty and inadequate ...

Tackling economic inequality with the right to non-discrimination

October 25, 2016
BY: David Barrett

Inequality may be compatible with human rights, but not if it violates ...

Putting universality into the Universal Periodic Review

October 24, 2016
BY: Allison Corkery 

The Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review is systematically ...

ICC will investigate environmental destruction as well as war crimes

October 19, 2016
BY: Richard J. Rogers 

The ICC is now prioritizing crimes involving environmental destruction ...

No single dataset is sufficient for understanding human rights, nor should it be

October 18, 2016
BY: K. Chad Clay

Yes, cross-national datasets are inappropriate for understanding the lived ...