Articles with a global or international focus

The rights of nature gaining ground

November 14, 2018
BY: Mari Margil
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Nature has been treated in law as property, and exploited. But there is ...

Geospatial technology—done right—can improve human rights documentation

November 8, 2018
BY: Theresa Harris
Español | العربية

With private corporations now the largest providers of satellite technology, ...

Politics and pragmatism in human rights advocacy

November 7, 2018
BY: Dustin Sharp
Español | Français

Critics of human rights legalism are right to call for more “pragmatism,” ...

Power and safety: rethinking protection for human rights defenders

October 30, 2018
BY: James Savage & Lisa VeneKlasen

The protection and resilience of Human Rights Defenders demands that we ...

Trust is essential in donor strategies with grassroots groups

October 25, 2018
BY: Rona Peligal

Grassroots activism through social movements offers the best hope for ...

Alarm bells ring as EU governments target “political” NGOs

October 18, 2018
BY: Cathal Gilbert & Giada Negri

Across the EU, several member states are preparing to cut funding to civil ...

Values-based collective action helps resist the criminalization of compassion

October 17, 2018
BY: Rachel Freed

Humanitarian workers giving aid to migrants are being threatened and in ...

Understanding when and why countries adopt rights can improve activism

October 10, 2018
BY: Yonatan Lupu

Constitutional provisions are critical to protecting human rights, but ...

What “datafication” means for the right to development

September 27, 2018
BY: Anita Gurumurthy & Deepti Bharthur
Español | Français

Breakthroughs in technology—including artificial intelligence—can help ...

Reimagining human rights as a frame of justice

September 12, 2018
BY: César Rodríguez-Garavito

The future of human rights as a frame of justice depends on our capacity ...

Could “hope and aspirations” end the vicious cycle of poverty?

September 11, 2018
BY: Keetie Roelen

Non-invasive and non-punitive interventions that draw on positive emotions ...

Mitigating unfair bias in artificial intelligence

September 4, 2018
BY: Bernard Shen

Instead of choosing between humans-only systems and AI systems, leveraging ...

Battling exclusion: giving a voice to women affected by leprosy

August 30, 2018
BY: Alice Cruz

Women affected by leprosy in India and beyond face high levels of discrimination ...

Amnesty International’s new drug policy puts it on a slippery slope

August 29, 2018
BY: Saul J. Takahashi

Human rights arguments for decriminalizing drug use are often flawed, ...

With nationalism rising, do global human rights still have mass appeal?

August 22, 2018
BY: Joel R. Pruce

Caring about the rights of distant others was once fashionable but, as ...

Better data can counteract soft repression

August 16, 2018
BY: Katrin Kinzelbach & Janika Spannagel
Español | Français

Changing the way we document human rights abuses—such as paying more attention ...

New human rights principles on artificial intelligence

August 15, 2018
BY: Sherif Elsayed-Ali
Español | Français

A new set of principles—the Toronto Declaration—aims to put human rights ...

Advocacy, meet academia: connecting disciplines to improve human rights research

August 9, 2018
BY: Molly Land & Theresa Harris

Human rights researchers are seeking new ways to establish facts, creating ...

A shared learning agenda takes legal empowerment to the next level

August 2, 2018
BY: Erin Kitchell

Legal empowerment can be transformative across a wide range of issues, ...

Risks and responsibilities of content moderation in online platforms

August 1, 2018
BY: Richard Wingfield

The issue of content moderation in online platforms has been missing in ...

Rethinking the notion of a human rights crisis

July 31, 2018
BY: Kathryn Sikkink
Español | Português

The frame of constant crisis has negative implications for human rights, ...

Death by a thousand paper cuts: regulatory attacks on NGOs

July 31, 2018
BY: Edwin Rekosh

A wave of unjustified government regulation is threatening NGO operations, ...

Strategic responses to the “Foreign Agent” label

July 25, 2018
BY: Jonas Wolff

Instead of letting governments define the terms, CSOs need to take “foreign ...

What digital searches reveal about our engagement with rights

July 18, 2018
BY: Rayyan Dabbous

Trends in Google searches show that most internet users are interested ...

Bringing justice close: an experiment in accessing justice with technology

July 17, 2018
BY: Shreya Sen

Legal empowerment enables poor and marginalized communities to be partners ...

“Naming and shaming”: still the human rights movement’s best weapon

July 11, 2018
BY: Aryeh Neier

Naming and shaming may be less important as a foreign policy tool to promote ...

Decolonizing human rights: local struggles with global dynamics

July 5, 2018
BY: Salil Shetty

Human rights have always been subject to efforts at misappropriation and ...

Populism and human rights: a new playbook

June 28, 2018
BY: César Rodríguez-Garavito & Krizna Gomez
Español | العربية

With populist leaders stoking nationalism and violating basic rights, ...

Without binding rules, AI guidelines are just wishful thinking

June 27, 2018
BY: Emre Eren Korkmaz
Türkçe | Español

Many governments have released official strategies to promote AI systems ...

A gender lens is critical to resolving tech-enabled abuse

June 27, 2018
BY: Michelle Lau-Burke & Callie Strickland

Technology can raise awareness and spark collective action, but it can ...

US loses patience with Human Rights Council reforms

June 27, 2018
BY: Marc Limon

The US said it quit the UN Human Rights Council because it couldn’t reform ...

Reducing dependence on foreign aid—what will it take?

June 14, 2018
BY: James Ron & José Kaire & Archana Pandya & Andrea Martínez

Modest investments into local fundraising capacity could transform the ...

Twenty-five years later, how much do national human rights institutions matter?

June 12, 2018
BY: Steven L. B. Jensen
Français | Español

An expanding range of literature examines the effectiveness of national ...

Why countries should welcome, not fear, foreign funding of NGOs

June 6, 2018
BY: Ronald R. Krebs & James Ron

A new law in Israel seeks to stigmatize NGOs that receive foreign funding—but ...

Self-care for sustainable movements: difficult but necessary

May 31, 2018
BY: Gulika Reddy

Donors, organizations and staff in the peacebuilding and human rights ...

The hazards of international NGOs going local

May 22, 2018
BY: Mona Younis
العربية | Español

International human rights NGOs are increasingly locating staff and offices ...

The “new green”? Business and the responsible use of algorithms

May 17, 2018
BY: Matthew Fenech
Español | Français

Algorithms have long aided decision-making, but as artificial intelligence ...

Artificial Intelligence can be a boon for businesses, but can it protect workers?

May 17, 2018
BY: Emre Eren Korkmaz
Türkçe | Español | Français

Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming business models, but labor ...

As artificial intelligence progresses, what does real responsibility look like?

May 16, 2018
BY: Dunstan Allison-Hope & Mark Hodge
Español | Français | 日本語

Artificial intelligence is disrupting how we live, work, do business, ...

Apps and traps: why dating apps must do more to protect LGBTQ communities

May 16, 2018
BY: Afsaneh Rigot
العربية | فارسی

Repressive states are manipulating dating apps to find and target LGBTQ ...

Addressing the potential human rights risks of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”

May 16, 2018
BY: Phil Bloomer & Christen Dobson
Español | Deutsch

Technology has the power to free us from drudgery or to decimate livelihoods, ...

FIFA 2018: digital rights are (finally) playable

May 16, 2018
BY: Peter Micek

Mega events like the Olympics and the World Cup are bringing digital rights ...

Human rights and development: has the connection sunk in?

May 9, 2018
BY: Paul Nelson & Ellen Dorsey
Español | Français

The connection between human rights and development is hardly new, but ...

Reclaiming civic space: global challenges, local responses

May 8, 2018
BY: Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah & Mandeep Tiwana
Español | Português

To reclaim civic space, there are three key drivers that organizations ...

Being flexible while staying true: the balance of engaging corporations in human rights

May 3, 2018
BY: Rajshri Sen

Getting traction and funding for women’s rights in India can be difficult, ...

Leaders, exile, and the dilemmas of international justice

May 1, 2018
BY: Daniel Krcmaric
Español | Français

The advance of international justice means that the “golden parachute” ...

The SDGs and gender equality: empty promises or beacon of hope?

April 25, 2018
BY: Kate Donald  & Silke Staab
Français | Español

In a challenging global context for equality and women’s rights, a new ...

From revolution to bureaucratization: human rights law becomes central to global health governance

April 24, 2018
BY: Benjamin Mason Meier & Lawrence O. Gostin

Given the dramatic development of human rights under international law ...