Articles with a global or international focus

Building the foundations of resilience: 11 lessons for human rights educators and supervisors

March 7, 2018
BY: Sarah Knuckey & Su Anne Lee

Educators and managers can play an important role in building the next ...

Is being the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights an Impossible Job?

February 27, 2018
BY: Marc Limon

Perhaps the role of High Commissioner for Human Rights is not do-able ...

Making progress in human rights requires big risks and new allies

February 22, 2018
BY: Maria Bobenrieth

In these turbulent times, business as usual is no longer an option for ...

Reproductive gene editing imperils universal human rights

February 15, 2018
BY: Marcy Darnovsky & Leah Lowthorp & Katie Hasson

The prohibition on reproductive gene editing to enhance human capabilities ...

Another one bites the dust—what future for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights?

February 8, 2018
BY: David Petrasek

The early departure—yet again—of a UN High Commissioner for Human Rights ...

Collecting, preserving, and verifying online evidence of human rights violations

January 30, 2018
BY: Enrique Piracés

The amount of digital information available online presents human rights ...

Five key battles for re-imagining democracy in a radically changed world

January 22, 2018
BY: Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah

The challenges facing civil society now aren’t about reviving our weakening ...

A new UN declaration could finally protect rural and landless peoples

January 4, 2018
BY: Shivani Chaudhry

The UN has drafted a groundbreaking declaration that has the potential ...

Methodological choices in human rights research are political, not just technical

December 21, 2017
BY: Allison Corkery 

The methods human rights researchers and advocates use determine what ...

NGOs are adapting to closing space when they must push back

December 19, 2017
BY: Julian Oram & Deborah Doane

Most development and funding organizations are adapting to shrinking space ...

Finding research pathways to a slavery-free world

December 12, 2017
BY: Zoe Trodd

Ending slavery means building a science of anti-slavery where advocates ...

Addressing systemic inequality in human rights funding

December 4, 2017
BY: Barbara Klugman & Ravindran Daniel & Denise Dora & Maimouna Jallow

Human rights funding is systemically inequitable, and this will only change ...

Finding equity: shifting power structures in human rights

November 30, 2017
BY: Barbara Klugman & Ravindran Daniel & Denise Dora & Maimouna Jallow

The marker of progress towards an equitable human rights ecology is when ...

Evidence indicates that we should be hopeful—not hopeless—about human rights

November 29, 2017
BY: Kathryn Sikkink

We compare our current human rights situation not to the past but to an ...

The value of diversity in creating systemic change for human rights

November 27, 2017
BY: Barbara Klugman & Ravindran Daniel & Denise Dora & Maimouna Jallow

The human rights system must value and mobilize the expertise of all players, ...

Survey: most believe women’s rights are human rights

November 23, 2017
BY: James Ron

Have feminists made traction in campaigning that “women’s rights are human ...

To strengthen global resistance, resource young feminists

November 22, 2017
BY: Felogene Anumo & Ruby Johnson

Young feminists are pushing back and forging new paths in global resistance, ...

Building up vs. trickling down: human rights in Southern Africa

November 16, 2017
BY: Kristi Heather Kenyon

Do we achieve human rights by enacting UN-sanctioned treaties at the legislative ...

Putting to rest the Three Generations Theory of human rights

November 15, 2017
BY: Steven L. B. Jensen

The notion of three generations of human rights has endured for 40 years. ...

Human Rights “Light”: using rhetoric to unite disparate disciplines

November 8, 2017
BY: Tony Talbott

The use of superficial human rights rhetoric across varied issue areas ...

Putting human rights at the centre of the renewable energy sector

November 3, 2017
BY: Eniko Horvath & Christen Dobson

In our efforts to quickly mitigate the negative impacts of climate change, ...

Intergenerational commitments are critical to protecting future climate leaders

November 2, 2017
BY: Leah Davidson

Intergenerational commitments in climate change are critical to protect ...

Climate change talks must focus on the most vulnerable: the world’s children

November 1, 2017
BY: Alice Thomas

Across the globe, more extreme weather and climate change are displacing ...

Protecting environmental defenders should be a central issue at climate talks

October 31, 2017
BY: Katharina Rall

As attacks on environmental rights defenders escalate, the stakes are ...

What makes a human rights campaign effective?

October 26, 2017
BY: Cosette Creamer & Amy Hill Cosimini & Yagmur Karakaya & Suzy McElrath

Marketing and public health provide useful lessons about framing and pre-testing ...

Creative persistence: women’s funds responses to the backlash against feminism

October 23, 2017
BY: Augusta Hagen-Dillon

Widespread backlash against progressive values and mounting legal restrictions ...

Human rights justice requires corporate information sharing

October 17, 2017
BY: Audrey Gaughran

Legal reform is needed to ensure that victims of human rights abuses have ...

Elections without choice: “clean slates” in the Human Rights Council

October 12, 2017
BY: Peter Splinter

The practice of candidates for election to the UN Human Rights Council ...

Contesting regression: citizen solidarity vs. the decline of democracy

October 5, 2017
BY: Alison Brysk

Even where rights are on the rocks, citizen solidarity and resilient rule ...

Irreconcilable tensions? Global human rights institutions and democracy

October 4, 2017
BY: Lisa Sundstrom

To restore people’s faith in liberal democracy, will the human rights ...

Reforming the UN Human Rights Council: a call for new leadership

September 29, 2017
BY: Peter Splinter

The UN Human Rights Council falls seriously short in its mandate to ensure ...

Measuring globally, surveying locally: A new global effort to measure civil and political rights

September 18, 2017
BY: K. Chad Clay

Help nominate countries for a pilot study aiming to produce cross-national ...

Creating effective new coalitions in tough political times

September 7, 2017
BY: Andrew Hudson

To avoid sinking to the lowest common denominator, activist coalitions ...

The world is marching towards—not away from—universal human rights

August 9, 2017
BY: Marc Limon

Despite pessimism about the future of human rights, data on treaty ratification ...

Hard times, but human rights defenders are resilient

August 3, 2017
BY: Andrew Anderson

These are hard times for human rights, but pessimists should not underestimate ...

Orphan structures: holding companies accountable when owners don’t exist

August 2, 2017
BY: Paul Beckett

When companies use legal loopholes to mask beneficial owners, it becomes ...

Against reductionist views of human rights

July 30, 2017
BY: César Rodríguez-Garavito

César Rodríguez-Garavito responds to Stephen Hopgood and Aryeh Neier, ...

Public interest lawyers need new tools to protect the vulnerable

July 25, 2017
BY: Garth Meintjes

The paradigmatic wall that separates lawyers into two camps—private and ...

Defining rather than defending our human rights “moment”

July 20, 2017
BY: Nick Robinson

Rather than defending our existing human rights movement, advocates from ...

Breaking the fourth wall: theater as human rights activism

July 19, 2017
BY: Christa Blackmon

Using theater to raise awareness on rights issues not only educates the ...

Hard times for human rights

July 13, 2017
BY: David Forsythe

Are we facing hard times for human rights, or are these ups and downs ...

Making our movements sustainable: practicing holistic security every day

June 15, 2017
BY: Deepa Ranganathan & María Díaz Ezquerro

What does holistic security and collective self-care in human rights work ...

International organizations and the crisis of legitimacy

June 9, 2017
BY: Aseem Prakash & Nives Dolšak

When international organizations face legitimacy problems, they need to ...

New strategies for tackling inequality with human rights

May 25, 2017
BY: Martín Abregú

To confront inequality, the Ford Foundation is harnessing the human rights ...

Why it’s getting harder (and more dangerous) to hold companies accountable

May 23, 2017
BY: Ciara Dowd & Elodie Aba

Corporations are using defamation lawsuits to shut down their detractors—and ...

Collective care in human rights funding: a political stand

May 18, 2017
BY: Meerim Ilyas & Tatiana Cordero Velásquez

To support the activists and groups that we fund, donors must engage in ...

Why the right to science matters for everyone

April 20, 2017
BY: Jessica M. Wyndham & Margaret Weigers

The right to science influences everything from freeing wrongfully accused ...

“Speaking truth to power:” a call for praxis in human rights

April 18, 2017
BY: Alicia Ely Yamin

Human rights require struggles over power and systems of thought—not just ...