Human Rights and Sustainability

Connecticut / Baden-Württemberg Human Rights Research Consortium (HRRC)

Human rights discourse has long been characterized by academic compartmentalization. Since 2020, the HRRC has been promoting interdisciplinary collaboration between high-level human rights researchers in the State of Connecticut (US) and the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg (Germany). The research resulting from this international network's collaboration covers such diverse topics as artificial intelligence; biotechnology; democratic institutions in the face of authoritarianism; conflict management; human rights education in the age of social media; human rights, geopolitics, and global society; media and public discourse analysis; migration, including labor migration and forced migration; philosophical foundations of human rights; social justice and solidarity; and more. This series highlights some of the HRRC network's versatile work.


Education against antisemitism within a human rights framework

By: Joscha Jelitzki

An initiative to foster a campus environment in which no one, Jewish or not, has to be afraid of being different required a human rights mindset.

Forensic aesthetics and Aleksandar Hemon’s The Lazarus Project

By: Tobias Lebens

New links between literature and human rights open the door to understand evidence and new ways of narrating.

Solidarity, not charity

By: Isabell Sluka

How #LeaveNoOneBehind advocated a reconfiguration of pro-migrant solidarity during the COVID-19 pandemic and what we can all learn from it as we face current and ...

What is true academic solidarity?

By: Ercüment Çelik
Español | Deutsch | Türkçe

Academic freedom is being attacked around the world—how can we create solidarity networks against such attacks?

The flawed case against more-than-human rights

By: Joshua Gellers
Español | Français

Steps have been taken to widen the scope of the “human” part of human rights—and to rethink the way those more-than-human entities also impact human rights.

Small Data for sustainability: AI ethics and the environment

By: Elisa Orrù
Español | Deutsch | Italiano

Moving away from the currently prevalent Big Data mindset towards a Small Data approach would help improve the sustainability of AI systems and would additionally ...

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