Training & Education

Preparing the next generation of practitioners

Dan-Cristian Pădureț/Unsplash

The challenges facing human rights practice are evolving faster than our systems for training and educating future practitioners. What new areas of knowledge, emerging skills, and critical reflections are needed to equip new players in human rights to develop their own transformative practice?



Human rights education and career opportunities for scientists could foster systemic change

By: Theresa Harris

Building a pipeline for human rights practitioners and scientists who want to work at the intersections of their fields would create opportunities for systemic ...

Innovation Labs and the future of human rights practice

By: Charity Ryerson
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For the majority of the world that lacks significant economic and political power, there is an urgent need to increase our capacity to innovate.

Rethinking multidisciplinarity within human rights education

By: Sarita Cargas & Kristina Eberbach

Through solid human rights education, academia can realize its potential to contribute to meaningful social change.

Educating the next generation of human rights practitioners

By: Shelley Inglis

What is needed to prepare a new generation of human rights practitioners to respond to the challenges of today and tomorrow? What does a new human rights practitioner ...

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