Gene Editing and Human Rights

This webinar, which took place on October 4, 2018, explores the links between human rights and human gene editing technologies like CRISPR and provides human rights practitioners and scholars with the background and concepts needed to participate confidently in these urgently important conversations.

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Sexual Violence Against Men and Boys in Conflict

What is nature and prevalence of conflict-related sexual violence against men and boys? Why is this form of abuse so little-reported on, and how can it be better exposed and acted on? What might international human rights and humanitarian organizations do to ensure men and boys are not overlooked in efforts to address sexual and gender-based violence in conflict?

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New Business Models For Human Rights

The current business model for most human rights organizations in low- and middle-income countries is to set up as a non-profit entity that is financed primarily through foreign charitable grants. But how can non-governmental human rights activity be developed outside this prevailing framework? What is the scope for local fundraising, or for-profit models of human rights work? The webinar will explore these and other issues and ask – are there new business models for human rights work?

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