Peter Splinter

Peter Splinter es el secretario ejecutivo del Grupo Independiente de Expertos a cargo del Examen Independiente sobre el papel y la responsabilidad de WWF en relación con presuntas violaciones de derechos humanos. De 2004 a 2016 fue el representante de Amnistía Internacional ante las Naciones Unidas en Ginebra.

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America’s re-engagement with the Human Rights Council: remember Resolution 43/1

By: Peter Splinter

How the USA deals with the process launched with resolution 43/1 will speak volumes about how it intends to engage with the Human Rights Council.

Recent developments in the UN Human Rights Council offer new opportunities to combat racism and police brutality

By: Peter Splinter

Time will tell whether Resolution 43/1 will dispose Human Rights Council membership to address situations of gross and systematic violations in other countries ...


Elections without choice: “clean slates” in the Human Rights Council

By: Peter Splinter

The practice of candidates for election to the UN Human Rights Council appearing on clean slates makes a mockery of the “elections” and undermines the quality of ...


Reforming the UN Human Rights Council: a call for new leadership

By: Peter Splinter

The UN Human Rights Council falls seriously short in its mandate to ensure effective enjoyment by all of all human rights. It needs real reform—not another reform ...




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