Beatriz Botero Arcila

Beatriz Botero Arcila es becaria del Centro Berkman Klein de Internet y Sociedad de la Universidad de Harvard y candidata doctoral de la Facultad de Derecho de Harvard.


Beatriz Botero Arcila este membră a Centrului “Berkman Klein” pentru Internet și Societate al Universității Harvard și doctorand la Facultatea de Drept a Universității Harvard.

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Our post-COVID future should be as much about welfare as it is about tech

By: Beatriz Botero Arcila

Surveillance thrives in unequal environments, and the pandemic has increased inequality. We need a welfare state for our digital information economy.

We need privacy and data laws to tackle this world pandemic

By: Beatriz Botero Arcila
Español | 简体中文 | Limba Română

Governments are increasingly using digital technologies and big data analytics to address the Covid-19 pandemic. These technologies can’t replace other comprehensive ...




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