Claire Thomas

كلير توماس هي نائبة رئيس مجموعة حقوق الأقليات الدولية.

Claire Thomas waa agaasime ku xigeenka MRG waxayna hadda Soomaaliya ka fulinaysaa mashaariic, oo ay ku jiraan xisaab-xidhka ka mid noqoshada dadka laga tirada badan yahay ee gargaarka iyo waxqabadyada horumarinta.

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An election successfully completed—but at what price?

By: Claire Thomas & Mohamed Eno
Español | Somali

While the unveiling of Somalia's president helps reduce the risk of conflict, the hosting of another ‘election’ on a discriminatory basis is far from ideal.

Will COVID-19 increase religious hostilities and discrimination?

By: Marie Juul Petersen  & Claire Thomas & Sajjad Hassan
Español | العربية

COVID-19 and its impacts may hit some religious minorities disproportionately hard, exacerbating economic inequalities, social hostilities and discrimination.

Human rights evaluation—who is it really for?

By: Claire Thomas

The human rights community should embrace evaluation not for our donors, but for our beneficiaries.


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