Claudia Bollwinkel

Bio Claudia Bollwinkel is a senior program advisor at Dreilinden. During her 15 years as program manager of filia.die frauenstiftung, a women’s fund in Germany, she gathered deep knowledge about funding from a feminist perspective and participatory grantmaking.

Claudia Bollwinkel ist Programmstrategin bei Dreilinden. Während ihrer 15 Jahre als Programmmanagerin bei filia.die frauenstiftung sammelte sie tiefe Einsichten zu feministischem Fördern und partizipativen Förderweisen.

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Giving with trust: how philanthropy can transform power relations

By: Ise Bosch & Claudia Bollwinkel
Español | Deutsch

Philanthropy can repeat oppressive patterns, or it can transform donor-recipient relations by giving decision-making power and trust along with money.

Migrants are driving innovative campaigns for female refugees in Germany

By: Claudia Bollwinkel

Activists are using a multi-van in Germany to help female refugees cope with violence and harassment.



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