Geoff Dancy

Geoff Dancy est professeur adjoint à l’Université de Tulane.

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Human rights are still in demand

By: Geoff Dancy & Christopher J. Fariss

After collecting and analyzing recent search data from 109 countries in five different language groups, we found little to no evidence that people are becoming ...


America, gun violence and human rights—Connecting the dots

By: Geoff Dancy

Worldwide, guns are used far more often to violate, rather than defend, the human right to life. The right to bear arms is not a human right, but a peculiar privilege ...


Why an anti-ICC narrative may help Kenyan leaders win votes

By: Geoff Dancy

Anti-ICC narratives resonate with a crucial minority of Kenyan citizens, but not with victims of political violence.

The ICC’s deterrent impact – what the evidence shows

By: Geoff Dancy & Bridget Marchesi & Florencia Montal & Kathryn Sikkink
Español | Français

Despite increased criticism against the International Criminal Court, new evidence suggests that the Court may be having a real deterrent impact.



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