Gulika Reddy

Gulika Reddy es una defensora de derechos humanos de la India, fundadora de Schools of Equality y docente clínica en la Clínica de Derechos Humanos de la Facultad de Derecho de Columbia, donde dirige un proyecto sobre educación y consolidación de la paz en Cachemira.

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In a pandemic, be a positive disruptor and not an ambulance chaser

By: Anjli Parrin & Gulika Reddy
Español | Français

In moments of crisis, it is critical that social justice advocates remain focused on ethical and transformative advocacy, not reactive short-term change.

Self-care for sustainable movements: difficult but necessary

By: Gulika Reddy

Donors, organizations and staff in the peacebuilding and human rights fields need to talk about the systemic, organizational, and personal barriers to self-care.

Social enterprises in India carve out new space for civil society

By: Gulika Reddy

Is social entrepreneurship in India a way for civil society to break open closing spaces?


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