Ilia Savelev

Ilia Savelev is a Russian human rights lawyer, activist, and a scholar. Ilia earned LL.M.s in International Protection of Human Rights from Kazan Federal University and Emory Law as a Fulbright scholar. Ilia has worked with Civil Rights Defenders, Human Rights First, Equal Rights Trust, and other local and international human rights organizations. In addition, Ilia is a co-director and a lawyer of the Association of Russian Speaking Intersex. His scholarly interests include theory of discrimination, freedom of information, hate speech, bodily integrity, gender identity, and sex characteristics.

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Can mapping human rights help in the global fight for equality?

By: Ilia Savelev
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Human rights mapping has been key to global advocacy for LGBT+ and can be used elsewhere to flag issues of concern and provide empirical data on rights violations.



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