Iverna McGowan

Iverna McGowan is the director for the Centre for Democracy & Technology Europe Office and has previously worked as a senior advisor at UN Human Rights (OHCHR) and as the executive director of Amnesty International’s European Institutions Office.

Iverna McGowan ist Leiterin des Europabüros des Centre for Democracy & Technology und hat zuvor als Senior-Beraterin im Büro des Hohen Kommissars der Vereinten Nationen für Menschenrechte (OHCHR) und als Executive Director des European Institutions Office von Amnesty International gearbeitet.

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European plans to regulate internet will have major impacts on civic space at home and abroad

By: Iverna McGowan
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Without inbuilt protections, the European Union's new law billed as a new constitution for the internet could inadvertently empower governments set on shrinking ...




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