Jacqueline Rowe

Jacqueline Rowe is policy lead at Global Partners Digital, where she researches and advocates rights-respecting approaches to online content moderation and digital platform regulation. Twitter: @JacquelineFRowe 

Jacqueline Rowe i un Piskisadur na Global Partners Digital. I tene garandi interes na manera di usa teknologias linguistikas pa moderason di informason na linha. El i ciga di fasi piskisa ciu di regras ku ta guberna manera ku linguas pikininu di tera ta usadu na Guiné-Bissau.

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Weaponizing internet shutdowns to evade accountability for rights violations

By: Jacqueline Rowe & Saba Mah'derom

Internet shutdowns are used to quash dissent and conceal abuses. The rights community should combat this authoritarian tactic.

A language of no importance: the consequences of neglecting marginalized languages in the digital world

By: Jacqueline Rowe
Español | Kiriol

Most major platforms and services are still only available or functional in a small number of geopolitically dominant languages.



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