Jacqueline Rowe

Jacqueline Rowe is a policy officer at Global Partners Digital. She is particularly interested in the role of language technologies for online content moderation, and has conducted extensive research on minority language policy and practice in Guinea-Bissau.

Jacqueline Rowe i un Piskisadur na Global Partners Digital. I tene garandi interes na manera di usa teknologias linguistikas pa moderason di informason na linha. El i ciga di fasi piskisa ciu di regras ku ta guberna manera ku linguas pikininu di tera ta usadu na Guiné-Bissau.

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A language of no importance: the consequences of neglecting marginalized languages in the digital world

By: Jacqueline Rowe
Español | Kiriol

Most major platforms and services are still only available or functional in a small number of geopolitically dominant languages.



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