K. Chad Clay

K. Chad Clay is an assistant professor in the Department of International Affairs at the University of Georgia, co-founder of the Human Rights Measurement Initiative, and co-PI of the Sub-National Analysis of Repression Project. His work focuses on the determinants, diffusion, and measurement of human rights practices, collective dissent, and economic development.


Measuring what matters: a new database to track human rights performance

By: Anne-Marie Brook & K. Chad Clay & Susan Randolph

The launch of the Human Rights Measurement Initiative dataset promises to provide comprehensive overviews of how countries are performing on human rights commitments.

Measuring globally, surveying locally: A new global effort to measure civil and political rights

By: K. Chad Clay

Help nominate countries for a pilot study aiming to produce cross-national human rights data on a comprehensive list of internationally recognized human rights.

No single dataset is sufficient for understanding human rights, nor should it be

By: K. Chad Clay

Yes, cross-national datasets are inappropriate for understanding the lived experience of those suffering from human rights abuse, but that’s not why we need them.