Leah Davidson

Leah Davidson started her work in sustainability when she travelled to Antarctica in 2011 on a scholarship with Students on Ice. She has founded a youth environmental campaign called Act for Antarctica and worked on several projects with UN agencies, most recently as a “Voices of Youth” blogging intern on climate and environment with UNICEF.

Leah Davidson comenzó a trabajar en temas de sostenibilidad cuando viajó a la Antártida en 2011 con una beca de Students on Ice. Fundó una campaña ambientalista juvenil llamada Act for Antarctica y ha trabajado en varios proyectos con agencias de la ONU, más recientemente escribiendo sobre temas de clima y medio ambiente como pasante en el blog “Voices of Youth” de UNICEF.


Intergenerational commitments are critical to protecting future climate leaders

November 2, 2017
By: Leah Davidson

Intergenerational commitments in climate change are critical to protect children’s rights now and to build the next generation of environmental ...