Náthaly Calixto

Náthaly Calixto is an attorney in Brazil with a postgraduate degree in International Politics and a Master’s Degree in Political Science and International Relations by NOVA de Lisboa. She has worked in projects with the Humans Rights Commission of Rio de Janeiro and the Human Rights Project in Sri Lanka with WERC.

Náthaly Calixto é advogada no Brazil, pós-graduada em Política Internacional e mestrado em Ciências Políticas e Relacões Internacional  na Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. Trabalhou em projetos com a Comissão de Direitos Humanos do Rio de Janeiro e o Projeto de Direitos Humanos no Sri Lanka com a WERC.


Imprisonment as a last resort? Reforming Brazil’s prisons

By: Náthaly Calixto

Systematic discrimination means that—despite vocational programs—many prisoners in Brazil and elsewhere end up with less opportunities than before they were incarcerated.



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