Neve Gordon

Neve Gordon es el autor de Israel's Occupation (La ocupación de Israel) y The Human Right to Dominate (El derecho humano a dominar) (con Nicola Perugini, Oxford University Press, 2015).

Neve Gordon is a visiting Leverhulme professor in the department of politics and international studies at SOAS and is the co-author of The Human Right to Dominate (Oxford 2015). The ideas in this article were first developed here.

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How human rights scholars conceal social wrongs

By: Neve Gordon & Nitza Berkovitch

Using cross-national data in human rights research helps perpetuate social wrongs.

The threat of human rights

By: Nicola Perugini & Neve Gordon
Español | العربية | עברית

Human rights become a threat when they endanger state structures of domination.



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