Octavio Luiz Motta Ferraz

Dr. Octavio Ferraz is a Reader in Transnational Law at King’s College London. He holds an LLB and MPhil in Law, an MA in Medical Ethics & Law and a PhD in Law (University College London). He has also been a senior research officer to the UN Special Rapporteur for the right to health and an Associate Professor at Warwick Law School.

Dr. Octavio Ferraz é professor de Direito Transnacional no King’s College London. Ele possui Graduação e Mestrado em Direito (Universidade de São Paulo), é Mestre em Ética Médica e Direito (King’s College London) e tem um PhD em Direito (University College London). Ele também foi assistente sênior de pesquisa para o Relator Especial da ONU para o direito à saúde e professor na Escola de Direito Warwick.

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Where’s the evidence? Moving from ideology to data in economic and social rights

By: Octavio Luiz Motta Ferraz
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To advance the polarized openGlobalRights debate on economic and social rights, we need more empirical research, and less ideology.



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