Pinar Tremblay

Pinar Tremblay is a visiting scholar at the political science department of California State University, Cal Poly Pomona. She is also a contributor to Turkey Pulse at Al Monitor and a columnist for the Turkish website, T24. She lives and teaches in Los Angeles. 

Pinar Tremblay California State University’de Siyasal Bilimler Fakültesinde misafir öğretim üyesidir. Ayrıca Al Monitor’ın Turkey Pulse (Türkiye’nin Nabzı) bölümünde ve Türk web sitesi T24’de makaleleri yayınlanmaktadır. Los Angelos’da yaşamakta ve ders vermektedir.



On the margins: secular human rights in Turkey

By: Pinar Tremblay

In Turkey, Muslim groups have used the “human rights” framework to protect their religious practices, such as wearing headscarves in universities and workplaces. ...




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