Rachel Schmidt

Rachel Schmidt est écrivaine et rédactrice à Ottawa. Elle est titulaire d’une maîtrise de la Norman Paterson School in International Affairs et spécialiste des enfants touchés par les conflits armés. Elle est rédactrice adjointe d’openGlobalRights.

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What battles over “gender ideology” mean for Colombia’s women human rights defenders

By: Rachel Schmidt

Violence against women and the LGBTI community has a long history in Colombia’s state security apparatus, and recent murders of women human rights defenders are ...


Family separation: a flashpoint in the global migrant crisis

By: Brian Root  & Rachel Schmidt

Situations of inhumane treatment and abuses of power are where we need human rights the most, and the family separation issue in the United States is symptomatic ...


Rethinking strategies of child protection

By: Rachel Schmidt

When children become the lead players in recruitment strategies, how can child protection advocates weigh in?

Activists get creative in their push for Moroccan women’s rights

By: Rachel Schmidt

Partnering with a comedienne and taking to social media, Human Rights Watch is getting creative to gain traction on women’s rights in Morocco.

What does Zika have to do with inequality? Everything.

By: Rachel Schmidt

Women’s rights advocates are using fears around Zika to fight for better access to birth control, but in Latin America the issues run much deeper than that.



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