Sarah Dávila-Ruhaak

Sarah Dávila-Ruhaak is the co-founder and director of the International Human Rights Clinic at The John Marshall Law School.

Sarah Dávila-Ruhaak es cofundadora y directora de la Clínica Internacional de Derechos Humanos de la Escuela de Derecho John Marshall.

Sarah Dávila-Ruhaak est cofondatrice et directrice de l’International Human Rights Clinic de la faculté de droit John Marshall.


Reframing sexual harassment as gender-based violence: the value of a rights framework

March 8, 2018
By: Sarah Dávila-Ruhaak
Français | Español

When sexual harassment is reframed as gender-based violence and a human rights violation, rather than just “bad behavior”, it changes the possibilities ...