Shreya Sen

Shreya Sen es investigadora feminista y activista de derechos humanos, trabaja en temas de derechos laborales y acceso a la justicia con comunidades del sur de Asia.


श्रेया सेन एक नारीवादी (स्त्री अधिकारवादी) सक्रियतावादी और नज़दीक में एक वरिष्ठ कार्यक्रम अधिकारी हैं।

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Returning to “normal” is impossible for India’s tea plantation workers

By: Shreya Sen

Workers in India’s tea plantations have pre-existing health and environmental conditions that make them highly vulnerable to COVID-19, making a return to “normal” ...


Bringing justice close: an experiment in accessing justice with technology

By: Shreya Sen

Legal empowerment enables poor and marginalized communities to be partners in development and decision-making, and new technologies make it possible for women in ...




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