Stephen Hopgood

ستيفن هوبجود هو أستاذ العلاقات الدولية في SOASS، جامعة لندن. كتابه الأخير هو أوقات النهاية لحقوق الإنسان (للاطلاع على التعليقات اضغط هنا)، متابعة لكتابه: حفظة اللهب: فهم منظمة العفو الدولية.

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Losing the battle for hearts and minds

By: Stephen Hopgood

The battle for human rights—as seen in the treatment of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar—may be losing ground as populist democracy becomes entrenched.

Fascism rising

By: Stephen Hopgood
Español | Français

Global institutions and principles now face their sternest test. Trump’s victory suggests human rights activists should devote themselves to the morass of domestic ...


Brexit and human rights: winter is coming

By: Stephen Hopgood

Given the toxic politics of Farage, Johnson, Le Pen and Trump, will human rights be enough to resist right-wing nationalism in the wake of Brexit?

Playing both ends against the middle

By: Stephen Hopgood
Español | Français | العربية

The idea of a “global middle” assumes that human rights transcend borders. But do they really?

It begins and ends with power

By: Stephen Hopgood

The author acknowledges his supporters, but he answers his critics. It is political leverage, not human rights, that make things happen. The wealthy and influential ...


Human rights: past their sell-by date

By: Stephen Hopgood
Español | العربية

It is activists, not states who will make a difference in future. But western-led rights organizations may have seen their day.


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