Thaynah Gutiérrez Gomes

Thaynah Gutiérrez Gomes is a public administrator and project advisor at Conectas Human Rights. A newcomer to socio-environmental issues, Gomes seeks to find bridges between public administration and human rights from the perspective of community solutions.

Administradora Pública e assessora de projetos na Conectas Direitos Humanos. Recém chegada nas temáticas socioambientais busca encontrar pontes entre a administração pública e os direitos humanos a partir de olhares para soluções comunitárias.

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The need for community-based ancestral technologies for socio-environmental defense work

By: Thaynah Gutiérrez Gomes
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We must seek technologies from the ancestral past of native peoples and connect them with the knowledge from the urban peripheries.



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