Thomas Pogge

Thomas Pogge est le professeur Leitner de philosophie et d'affaires internationales et directeur du programme de justice mondiale à Yale. Il a cofondé Academics Stand Against Poverty et Incentives for Global Health.

Thomas Pogge ist Leitner Professor für Philosophie und internationale Angelegenheiten und Director des Global Justice Program an der Yale Universität. Er ist Mitbegründer von Academics Stand Against Poverty und Incentives for Global Health.


Thomas Pogge è il professore Leitner di filosofia e affari internazionali e direttore del programma di giustizia globale a Yale. Ha co-fondato Academics Stand Against Poverty e Incentives for Global Health.

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Replacing monopolies with impact rewards

By: Thomas Pogge
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Impact funds would make the business of innovation more cost-effective and enable a triple win for the potential beneficiaries of innovations.



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