Todd Landman 

Todd Landman es el vicerrector de la Facultad de Ciencias Sociales de la Universidad de Nottingham.

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Combatting modern slavery with human rights

By: Todd Landman 

Abolitionism was arguably the first human rights movement, but historical waves of anti-slavery activism have yet it to see it truly eliminated. How can a human ...


Yes, human rights scholars conceal social wrongs—when they miss the point

By: Todd Landman 

To suggest that relying on cross-national analyses perpetuates human rights abuses is simply fallacious.

Why America needs a truth commission

By: Todd Landman 

In the United States, gun deaths over the last three decades far exceed those reported in truth commissions and civil wars around the world in the 1970s, 1980s ...


Inequality is more than just a problem for developing countries

By: Todd Landman 

Advanced economies are also experiencing persistent and increasing inequality, and its effect on human rights is alarming.



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