Afsaneh Rigot

Afsaneh Rigot is a program officer at Article 19 focusing on the organization’s LGBTQ, Business and Human Rights, and Iran Transparency work.

افسانه ریگوت افسر برنامه ها در ماده 19 است که بر جامعه LGBTQ این سازمان، و همچنین بیزنس، حقوق بشر، و شفافیت سازی در ایران تمرکز میکند.

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Apps and traps: why dating apps must do more to protect LGBTQ communities

By: Afsaneh Rigot
العربية | فارسی

Repressive states are manipulating dating apps to find and target LGBTQ individuals, and app companies must take responsibility for reducing the risks to their ...




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