Amanda Murdie

Amanda Murdie is the Georgia Athletic Association Professor of International Affairs and head of the department of International Affairs at the University of Georgia. She is also editor-in-chief of International Studies Review and co-editor of the University of Georgia Press Studies in Security and International Affairs Book Series.

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The will and the way: keys for human rights improvement

By: Alejandro Anaya Muñoz & Amanda Murdie

Neither state capacity nor elite willingness are sufficient on their own to improve compliance with human rights norms.

Shaming and blaming: assessing the impact of human rights organizations

By: Amanda Murdie

Shaming by human rights organizations can indeed change state practices, with the right combination of partners and conditions.

To discredit victims, call them terrorists

By: Ana Bracic & Amanda Murdie

Repressive governments can damage the effectiveness of human rights action by attempting to discredit a prisoner of conscience.


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