Amyn B. Sajoo

Amyn Sajoo es académico residente en la Universidad Simon Fraser de Canadá, donde dicta clases de derechos humanos y política global. Ha sido asesor político de la Comisión Canadiense de Derechos Humanos, y su trabajo de campo lo ha llevado a Asia, Medio Oriente y África oriental.

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Particular universals: human rights depend on identity politics

By: Amyn B. Sajoo

Romanticizing the universal at the expense of local, subjective truths fails to account for how we arrive at global rights in the first place.

Faith in rights: ethics of the public square

By: Amyn B. Sajoo

Human rights cannot thrive globally without the support of pluralist religious theologies that are in tune with public culture. In Muslim settings, this means that ...




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