Ana Brandusescu

Ana Brandusescu researches artificial intelligence governance and co-leads AI for the Rest of Us at McGill University. She is a member of the <A+> Alliance for Inclusive Algorithms and @OpenHeroines.

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Funding and the digital rights nonprofit space. Experiences and recommendations (Part II)

By: Juan Ortiz Freuler & Will Orr & Ana Brandusescu

Nonprofits have to balance securing funds and staying true to their mission. How can we foster autonomy among organizations?

How do funders shape the digital rights agenda? Notes from the field (Part I)

By: Juan Ortiz Freuler & Will Orr & Ana Brandusescu

Nonprofits’ autonomy from their funders is particularly important in the digital rights space.

Why policymakers need to tackle the digital gender gap

By: Ana Brandusescu

Tackling the digital gender gap means more than improving internet access—it means empowering women and girls to use online technology, preventing gender-based ...



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