Ana Cernov

Ana Cernov is a Brazilian feminist and human rights activist based in Los Angeles where she is a member of the Coletivo Por Um Brasil Democrático (CPBD-LA), a group of Brazilian activists organizing abroad and part of several international networks of support for the country.

Twitter: @anacernov

Ana Cernov, internacionalista, feminista e ativista de direitos humanos brasileira radicada em Los Angeles, onde é membra do Coletivo Por Um Brasil Democrático - Los Angeles (CPBD-LA), grupo de ativistas brasileiros organizados em apoio aos direitos humanos e democracia no Brasil. 

Twitter: @anacernov

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Budgets are political documents: can they help control the pandemic and fight for justice?

By: Ana Cernov & Iara Pietricovsky & Nathalie Beghin
Português | Español

Budgetary decisions are always political, and these documents are a crucial tool for civil society to protect rights and demand justice.



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