Aryeh Neier

Aryeh Neier was President of the Open Society Foundations from 1993 to 2012. Before that, he was Executive Director of Human Rights Watch, of which he was a founder in 1978. Before that he was Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union. His most recent book is The International Human Rights Movement: A History.

Aryeh Neier fue presidente de Open Society Foundations de 1993 a 2012. Antes de eso, fue director ejecutivo de Human Rights Watch, y uno de sus fundadores en 1978. Anteriormente, fue director ejecutivo de la American Civil Liberties Union. Su libro más reciente es The International Human Rights Movement: A History


“Naming and shaming”: still the human rights movement’s best weapon

July 11, 2018
By: Aryeh Neier

Naming and shaming may be less important as a foreign policy tool to promote rights, but the careful documenting and publicizing of rights abuses ...


Misunderstanding our mission

July 23, 2013
By: Aryeh Neier

The founder of Human Rights Watch tells Stephen Hopgood and James Ron that this organisation is globalizing itself; though it has a long way ...