Dimitrina Petrova

Dimitrina Petrova is a Board Member, Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, Program Director, SOS Children’s Villages and a Contributor to Rights CoLab.


Димитрина Петрова — член правления Болгарского Хельсинского Комитета и директор программ «SOS Детские деревни»

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Being BOLD in difficult times: Bulgarians organizing for liberal democracy

By: Dimitrina Petrova
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A new initiative in Bulgaria aims to reinvigorate support for democratic values and human rights by directly engaging citizens in a bottom-up process of deliberative ...


Strategic human rights litigation in tough times

By: Dimitrina Petrova
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There are many good reasons to pursue human rights claims in the courts, especially given the rise of illiberal regimes; not least, it is simply the right thing ...


Human rights NGOs should learn funding lessons from service providers

By: Dimitrina Petrova

Human rights NGOs in Central and Eastern Europe are facing increased hostility from governments and declining legitimacy in public opinion, while social service ...