Edwin Rekosh

Edwin Rekosh is a co-founder of Rights CoLab and a member of the adjunct faculty of Columbia Law School. He is also the founder of PILnet  (The Global Network for Public Interest Law). Follow him on Twitter: @EdRekosh.

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Death by a thousand paper cuts: regulatory attacks on NGOs

July 31, 2018
By: Edwin Rekosh

A wave of unjustified government regulation is threatening NGO operations, and proactive responses are essential in order to effectively resist.

To preserve human rights, organizational models must change

November 28, 2016
By: Edwin Rekosh
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The current human rights business model is not keeping up with trends in technology, philanthropy, business and society.

Old dogs and new tricks: rethinking human rights business models

May 3, 2016
By: Edwin Rekosh

In this climate of closing space, we have an imperative to rethink the business models for protecting human rights.