Edwin Rekosh

Edwin Rekosh is a co-founder of Rights CoLab and a member of the adjunct faculty of Columbia Law School. He is also the founder of PILnet  (The Global Network for Public Interest Law). Follow him on Twitter: @EdRekosh.

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Death by a thousand paper cuts: regulatory attacks on NGOs

By: Edwin Rekosh

A wave of unjustified government regulation is threatening NGO operations, and proactive responses are essential in order to effectively resist.

To preserve human rights, organizational models must change

By: Edwin Rekosh
Español | Français

The current human rights business model is not keeping up with trends in technology, philanthropy, business and society.

Old dogs and new tricks: rethinking human rights business models

By: Edwin Rekosh

In this climate of closing space, we have an imperative to rethink the business models for protecting human rights.


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