Elizabeth Evenson

Elizabeth Evenson is associate international justice director at Human Rights Watch

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States shouldn’t use ICC budget to interfere with its work

By: Elizabeth Evenson & Jonathan O’Donohue 

States complain that the ICC needs to broaden investigations beyond Africa—yet some of the same states are now trying to limit the increased budget needed to do ...


Still falling short—the ICC’s capacity crisis

By: Elizabeth Evenson & Jonathan O’Donohue 

The ICC’s proposed expansion still falls well short of meeting the significant demands on the court.

ICC success depends on its impact locally

By: Elizabeth Evenson

Delivering justice for victims is the raison d’etre of the ICC. But making justice count for victims requires much more than fair trials in a Hague courtroom.

The International Criminal Court at risk

By: Elizabeth Evenson & Jonathan O’Donohue 
Español | Français

With all-too-limited resources, the ICC is falling behind in the fight against impunity. Unless drastic measures are taken, it may never catch up.



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