Elizabeth Evenson

Elizabeth Evenson is associate international justice director at Human Rights Watch

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States shouldn’t use ICC budget to interfere with its work

By: Elizabeth Evenson & Jonathan O’Donohue 

States complain that the ICC needs to broaden investigations beyond Africa—yet some of the same states ...


Still falling short—the ICC’s capacity crisis

By: Elizabeth Evenson & Jonathan O’Donohue 

The ICC’s proposed expansion still falls well short of meeting the significant demands on the court.

ICC success depends on its impact locally

By: Elizabeth Evenson

Delivering justice for victims is the raison d’etre of the ICC. But making justice count for victims ...


The International Criminal Court at risk

By: Elizabeth Evenson & Jonathan O’Donohue 
Español | Français

With all-too-limited resources, the ICC is falling behind in the fight against impunity. Unless drastic ...