Helena Hofbauer

Helena Hofbauer is the Director of Partnership Development and Innovation at the International Budget Partnership. In 1999 Hofbauer became the founding director of Fundar, Centro de Análisis e Investigación in Mexico and has pioneered civil society engagement in budget issues, access to information, and participation in decision-making processes, among other related topics. Helena is based in Mexico City and works with groups throughout Africa, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and Latin America.

Helena Hofbauer担任国际预算合作组织“合作发展与创新部”的主管。1999年,Hofbauer成为墨西哥Fundar组织(Center for Research & Analysis)的创始人,积极倡导和实践公共预算、信息透明和政策制定方面的民间参与运动。Helena居住于墨西哥市,与非洲、亚洲、中东、北美,以及拉丁美洲的相关团体保持着密切的工作联系。


Helena Hofbauer adalah Direktur Inovasi dan Pembangunan Kemitraan (Director of Partnership Development and Innovation) di International Budget Partnership

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Winners and losers: how budgeting for human rights can help the poor

By: Helena Hofbauer
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Recent research reveals the impact that international covenants could have on government taxation and expenditures. Based on civil society organization (CSO) campaigns ...




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