Imogen Richmond-Bishop

Imogen Richmond-Bishop est coordinatrice du droit à l’alimentation pour Sustain : the Alliance for Better Food and Farming, ainsi que responsable du plaidoyer, de la recherche et de la communication pour Just Fair. Elle est également une Atlantic Fellow 2020-2021 sur l’équité sociale et économique.

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Welfare caps: how the UK and Serbia became outliers in restricting child support

By: Imogen Richmond-Bishop & Danilo Curcic

The limits placed on child benefits in Serbia and the UK have a similarly destructive impact on household incomes and children’s well-being.

Democratizing data is key for addressing inequalities during COVID-19

By: Francesca Feruglio & Maria Silvia Emanuelli & Imogen Richmond-Bishop & Brian Omala
Español | Français | العربية

Exclusion in data—which often reflects society’s values and biases about who and what counts—means exclusion in reality when it comes to crises and public policy.

Coronavirus in austerity Britain: poverty and discrimination compounded

By: Imogen Richmond-Bishop & Sara Bailey

The global pandemic—following ten years of draconian austerity measures in the UK—has created a perfect storm of human rights violations against already marginalized ...



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