Jacinta Gonzalez

Jacinta González is a senior campaign organizer at Mijente and an expert in organizing against immigration enforcement and criminalization of Latinx and immigrant communities. Follow Mijente on Twitter: @ConMijente.

Jacinta González ist Kampagnenleiterin bei Mijente. Der Schwerpunkt ihrer Arbeit liegt auf dem Kampf gegen die Strafverfolgung von Einwanderung und der Kriminalisierung von Latinx und immigrantischen Gemeinschaften. Folgen Sie Mijente auf Twitter: @ConMijente.

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When technology facilitates ICE raids that violate rights, who is responsible?

By: Jacinta Gonzalez
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Palantir has argued that its technology does not play an active role in deportations and the human rights violations that have occurred under the Trump administration, ...




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