Karen Naimer

Karen Naimer dirige le Programme sur les violences sexuelles dans les zones de conflit chez « Physicians for Human Rights », une organisation basée à New York qui utilise la médecine et la science pour prévenir les graves violations de droits humains ainsi que les atrocités de masse.  

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The little tissue that couldn’t – the hymen’s role in determining sexual history or assault

By: Ranit Mishori & Karen Naimer & Thomas McHale
Español | Français

For such a small piece of tissue, the hymen has gained outsized status as the arbiter of virginity. But can it really do that?

DNA testing can help – and hinder – sexual violence prosecutions

By: Karen Naimer
Español | Français

DNA technology in sexual violence cases can strengthen investigations and prosecutions, but training on how to collect and preserve evidence is equally important ...




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