Kenneth Roth

Kenneth Roth est le directeur exécutif de Human Rights Watch. Suivez-le sur Twitter : @KenRoth.

Kenneth Roth é diretor-executivo da Human Rights Watch. Sua conta no Twitter é @KenRoth.

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For human rights, majority opinion isn’t always important

By: Kenneth Roth
Español | Français | العربية

If polls don’t target relevant publics, they misinform activism.

Internationalizing human rights NGOs is not a zero-sum game

By: Kenneth Roth
Español | Português

Internationalizing human rights NGOs can benefit everyone; it’s not a zero sum game.

Encouraging stronger engagement by emerging powers on human rights

By: Kenneth Roth & Peggy Hicks
Español | العربية | Português

Resentment of the west is making emerging powers hold back when they could be using their strengths and experiences to challenge the world’s abusive regimes.


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