Loren B. Landau

Loren B Landau is the South African Research Chair in Human Mobility and the Politics of Difference at the African Centre for Migration & Society, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. Widely published in the academic and popular press, his work explores human mobility, citizenship, political authority and urban transformation. He is author of The Humanitarian Hangover: Displacement, Aid, and Transformation in Western Tanzania, co-editor of Contemporary Migration to South Africa, editor of Exorcising the Demons Within: Xenophobia, Violence and Statecraft in Contemporary South Africa and articles in Politics & Society, the Journal of Ethnic and Migration StudiesMillennium, and elsewhere.



Refugee protection is politics

By: Roni Amit & Loren B. Landau

The best refugee legislation in the world will have little effect when those seeking protection are characterized as security risks.



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