Lucia Nader

Lucia Nader is a Fellow at the Open Society Foundations.

Lucia Nader é pesquisadora bolsista da Open Society Foundations.

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Taking chances and innovating in human rights

By: Lucia Nader & José Guilherme F. De Campos

In our research, human rights workers, academics, activists and funders gave us a lot of reasons not to innovate.

Africa’s social movements present opportunities, not threats, for rights groups

By: Lucia Nader & Akwasi Aidoo
Español | Português

After decolonization, many African political groups lost touch with the grassroots. Let’s not let the same happen to the continent’s professional human rights groups.

Mismatch: why are human rights NGOs in emerging powers not emerging?

By: Lucia Nader
Español | Français | Português

There is a perverse see-saw effect in place within the BRICS countries. In Brazil, as the government grows in prominence and companies become more global and voracious, ...



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