Marie Juul Petersen 

Marie Juul Petersen est un chercheur de l’Institut danois pour les droits de l’homme. Elle a un doctorat de l’Université de Copenhague. Ses domaines de recherche incluent l’islam, le développement, les droits de l’homme et les ONG internationales. Elle est à l’origine de nombreuses publications sur ces sujets incluant Instrumental, Narrow, Normative? Reviewing recent work on religion and developmentTrajectories of Transnational Muslim NGOs, et For Humanity or for the Umma? Aid and Islam in Transnational Muslim NGOs.

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Blasphemy laws and human rights: a match made in hell

By: Marie Juul Petersen 

There are few indications that blasphemy laws are effective in hindering discrimination, conflict, and violence; in fact, the opposite may very well be the case.

Will COVID-19 increase religious hostilities and discrimination?

By: Marie Juul Petersen  & Claire Thomas & Sajjad Hassan
Español | العربية

COVID-19 and its impacts may hit some religious minorities disproportionately hard, exacerbating economic inequalities, social hostilities and discrimination.

Promoting freedom of religion or belief – key lessons

By: Marie Juul Petersen  & Katherine Marshall
Español | العربية

Freedom of religion or belief is rightly gaining more attention, but steps to promote this right need to be anchored in international standards, locally relevant ...


Muslim NGOs, aid, and human rights

By: Marie Juul Petersen 
Español | Français | العربية

Drawing on studies of Muslim aid organisations in Britain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and Bangladesh, the author explores how these organisations do and don’t ...




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