Merrill Sovner

Merrill Sovner es candidata a doctorado en ciencias políticas e investigadora en el Centro de Filantropía y Sociedad Civil del Centro de Estudios de Posgrado de la Universidad de la Ciudad de Nueva York. Anteriormente, trabajó en programas de Open Society Foundations, así como en evaluaciones en Atlantic Philanthropies.

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Sustaining civil society: learning from legacies of long-term funding

By: Merrill Sovner & Barry Gaberman & William Moody

The project of developing civil society organizations that keep the government in check and nurture democratic practices and values is a multi-generational effort.

How new data can—and can’t—support academic research

By: Merrill Sovner

Human rights practitioners and researchers often ask very different questions when collecting data—how can we bridge these gaps?



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